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We are one of the few investigative firms with a track record of working on high-profile cases. The private investigation agency established in Missouri, has earned a reputation for innovative, ethical information gathering and clear, concise reporting.

Law companies, financial institutions, enterprises, and insurance are among our clients. And, of course, ordinary people in need of assistance. Our global network of skilled investigators ensures that overseas investigations are done quickly and with the same level of attention to detail that our domestic clients have come to expect.

We Cover

Background Due Diligence

Do you really know your partners? What about adversaries? We find what lies below the surface.

Civil and Criminal Trials

Rule of law: in a time of Civil and Criminal Trials, never go halfway on your opponent. Let 'em have it—both barrels.

Internal Investigations

t's a different era. Don't be a dinosaur—workplace harassment will cost you.

Cold Cases & Unusual Projects

Some cases defy description. Need to clear title on a deed from 1921? Looking for a witness to a suspicious death from the 1960s? We've done it.